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July 24, 2015
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July 24, 2015
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Bite Splint Therapy

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Are you waking up in the morning with a sore jaw, achy teeth, or even a headache?  These symptoms can be the result of keeping your mouth clenched or grinding your teeth while you sleep.  A bite splint can help ease the pain.  Our bite splints are made of a clear, hard acrylic and fit comfortably on the upper teeth to lessen the stress and pressure of grinding. Please feel free to ask us if a bite guard can help protect your teeth and jaw.

Procedure for Bite Splint fabrication

At your first appointment impressions and bite registrations are obtained. These items are sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication of the bite splint. This step usually takes about a week.  Next you return to our office for the delivery of the appliance.  We take great care in making sure your bite splint fits properly and provides you with comfort.

How long will my bite splint last?

A properly made and maintained bite splint can last 15-20 years. It is advisable to bring your appliance to every dental appointment. During your cleaning appointment, your splint can be cleaned and inspected to make sure it is adjusted properly to your bite. If you have a new filling or crown placed, the splint may need to be adjusted accordingly. It is especially important to keep your splint away from pets who may choose to use it as their chew toy!

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